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Standard, & Premium Versions: Simulated Heat Signature Feature

Yes, all of our 2D DUMMIES will work with a thermal infrared camera. However, the effectiveness of the thermal signature will vary depending on the version of 2D DUMMY.  

The standard version 2D DUMMY, produces the heat signature by absorbing solar radiation and re-emits this energy making it detectable with a thermal sensor. A 4″x4″ thermal patch is on the back of the manikin for nighttime use. The Standard version is optimally designed for departments that primarily train during the day or do not utilize thermal sensors extensively. For those seeking the highest quality thermal signature that significantly surpasses the standard, our premium version is recommended. It offers superior thermal signature capabilities, making it the best choice for comprehensive training across all conditions, ensuring unparalleled realism and effectiveness in thermal detection scenarios.


While the Standard version of our 2D DUMMY offers excellent functionality, the effectiveness of their thermal signature can be affected in different lighting conditions. Specifically, the thermal signature may become less pronounced and harder to detect in low light conditions, such as at night, in areas with heavy shading, and under overcast skies.


To overcome the limitations of the thermal film in low-light conditions, the Economy and Standard versions of our product come with a 4″x 4″ thermal marker patch. This patch reflects the apparent temperature of the sky and helps trainees locate the 2D DUMMY even when the high-e film is less effective. The thermal marker film appears as a ‘cold’ square at any time of the day or night and in all weather conditions. This ensures that trainees can easily identify the location of the dummy, no matter the circumstances.

(the white square visible in the photo above is the thermal marker patch)

Please note that the thermal marker film on 2D DUMMIES will appear in reverse contrast to the selected palette on the thermal imaging cameras. This means that the thermal marker film will appear as cool, while the surrounding environment will appear as warm. This is because the thermal marker film reflects the apparent temperature of the sky, which is typically lower than the thermal emissivity of most materials.

Our Premium 2D DUMMY is the pinnacle of thermal detection and is designed to revolutionize your training experience. It builds upon the success of our Economy and Standard models and elevates thermal signature capabilities to new heights, ensuring that your trainees are prepared for any scenario, day or night.

With unmatched thermal visibility, the Premium 2D DUMMY features a groundbreaking thermal enhancement. The thermal marker film now covers the entire back of the manikin, making the whole profile of the 2D DUMMY consistently detectable by thermal imaging cameras, regardless of external lighting conditions or environmental factors. This innovative modification guarantees that your trainees receive the best possible training experience. 

Unwavering Performance in Every Environment

Whether you’re training in the harsh glare of the midday sun or the absolute darkness of the night, the Premium 2D DUMMY remains steadfast in its thermal visibility, 24/7. The comprehensive coverage of the thermal marker film eliminates the limitations of high-emissivity film, ensuring that your trainees can locate and assess potential hazards or victims with unwavering precision.

No, the 2D DUMMIES’ heat signature feature does not require an external power source. This feature is designed to be passive, meaning it naturally simulates the heat signature of a human body without the need for electricity or batteries. This makes the manikins more versatile and easier to use in various training environments, especially in remote or off-grid search and rescue scenarios where power availability is limited. The passive nature of the heat signature also enhances the durability and reliability of the 2D DUMMIES, as there are no electronic components that could fail or require maintenance.

For questions about the thermal signature feature of our 2D DUMMIES, TEXT us at +1 (833) 656-9332.