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At 2D DUMMIES, we’re pioneering the
future of public safety training with our innovative, patent-pending two-dimensional training manikins. Our products are not just manikins; they are a breakthrough in training technology, designed to replicate the physical appearance and heat signature of humans with unparalleled precision.
The 2D DUMMY is an essential tool for public safety UAS professionals, including search and rescue teams, firefighters, law enforcement agencies, and emergency management services. It offers a level of realism that was previously unattainable in training exercises.


  Enhanced Skill Development:

The 2D Dummy represents a breakthrough in realistic, controlled training environments for rescue professionals, enabling them to hone critical skills essential for saving lives. It stands as an indispensable asset for drone pilots, significantly enhancing their pattern recognition capabilities—a key factor in the success of real-world missions. Additionally, its compatibility with both optical and thermal imaging technology transforms it into a multifaceted tool, indispensable for operations employing a variety of devices.

Available in various models, the 2D Dummy allows for comprehensive customization of training programs, catering to an extensive array of scenarios and conditions. This adaptability ensures that teams are thoroughly prepared for any challenge, enhancing their effectiveness and confidence in actual emergency situations.

 Versatile Applications:

  • Search and Rescue Operations: In the critical field of search and rescue, the 2D Dummy allows teams to simulate missions with lifelike accuracy. Whether in dense forests, rugged mountainous terrain, or challenging urban environments, the 2D Dummy prepares rescuers for the visual and thermal detection of individuals in distress.

  • UAS Pilot Training: Specifically designed to be indistinguishable from humans in thermal and optical imaging, the 2D Dummy is invaluable for drone pilots. It improves their ability to identify and track individuals across diverse operational landscapes, crucial for surveillance, crowd monitoring, and search and rescue missions.

  • Disaster Preparedness & Response: In disaster scenarios, where environments can be unpredictable, the 2D Dummy helps teams practice navigation and victim identification in simulated flood zones, and other disaster-affected areas.

  • Law Enforcement and Military Exercises: From high-stakes tactical operations to search and apprehension exercises, a 2D Dummy enhances scenario-based training, offering realism that bridges the gap between training and real-world engagements.

  • Firefighting and Hazardous Material (HazMat) Drills: Firefighting teams and HazMat units benefit from the 2D Dummy’s adaptability in simulating scenarios involving fire, smoke, and toxic substances. It aids in practicing navigation, victim location, and extraction techniques in visibility-compromised environments.

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training: For EMS professionals, the 2D Dummy serves as a patient in scenarios that require medical assessment and emergency response in the field. Its realistic representation of a human body enables trainees to practice UAS triage, medical evaluation, and prioritization under pressure.
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Explore the impact of 2D DUMMIES on public safety training. Join Brandon Karr, co-founder of Unmanned Tactical Group and host of Public Safety Drone News on YouTube, as he delves into their features and benefits in his insightful review.

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