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At 2D DUMMIES, we are reshaping the future of public safety training with our patent-pending, two-dimensional rescue manikins.
Designed to precisely simulate the physical attributes & thermal signature of the human body, the 2D DUMMY is the ultimate solution for heightening the authenticity of training drills for public safety professionals.
Initially designed  to enhance training for UAS search and rescue teams, our rescue manikins have since evolved into a versatile tool that caters to a wide variety of training scenarios, including firefighting, law enforcement, and military training.

Two significant benefits set the 2D DUMMY apart:

  Enhanced Skill Development:

The 2D Dummy offers an exceptional opportunity for rescue professionals to train in a realistic and controlled environment, empowering them to refine and master critical skills. For drone pilots, it becomes a valuable asset to enhance their pattern recognition capabilities, which plays a vital role in ensuring successful outcomes during real-world emergencies. Moreover, the product’s compatibility with optical and thermal cameras makes it an incredibly versatile tool, perfect for operations that involve diverse devices. With dummies available in varying sizes, training can be fully customized to cover a broad range of scenarios and conditions, ensuring optimal preparation for any situation.

  Emotional Resilience Building:

Our rescue manikins offers a scenario-based training feature that simulates graphic injuries to help first responders build emotional resilience. This tool is incredibly valuable in preparing trainees for high-stress events by gradually exposing them to emotionally challenging situations. By doing so, they can adapt and recover quickly, which ultimately allows them to respond with composure and efficiency during real-life emergencies.

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