Male Child 2D Dummy


Introducing our Child 2D Dummy – a lifelike training tool designed for child-specific rescue scenarios. This two-dimensional manikin allows trainees to practice essential skills in search and rescue, missing child searches, and active shooter training involving children. With the added benefit of a thermal-compatible reverse side, the Child 2D Dummy can also be used for training with a thermal camera. Enhance your team’s preparedness and improve thermal imaging skills with our realistic Child 2D Dummy.

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Introducing our Child 2D Dummy – a specialized training manikin designed to provide a realistic training experience for child-specific rescue scenarios. This two-dimensional rescue manikin offers lifelike features, making it an essential asset for training teams in various public safety organizations.

Our Child 2D Dummy is meticulously crafted to match a child’s physical characteristics, ensuring accurate training simulations. Its lightweight and portable design allows the manikin to be easily transported and positioned in different training environments. Trainees can develop essential skills and enhance their abilities to respond effectively in critical situations involving children.

This versatile training tool is well-suited for a range of training scenarios, including:

1. Search and Rescue: Simulate search and rescue operations involving children, allowing trainees to practice search techniques, victim recovery, and coordination in challenging environments.

2. Missing Child Search: Enable search teams to enhance their skills in locating missing children, conducting thorough search operations, and coordinating with law enforcement agencies.

3. Active Shooter Training: Facilitate realistic training exercises for responders, preparing them to handle active shooter incidents in locations where children may be present, such as schools or public venues.

The Child 2D Dummy provides a lifelike representation of a child in these scenarios, ensuring teams are well-prepared to handle critical situations involving children. With its realistic features, this manikin enables organizations to enhance their training programs and ensure the safety and well-being of children in emergencies.

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