Flat Matt – Our First 2D DUMMY


Flat Matt, the adult male 2D Dummy™ from 2D Dummies, is a sophisticated and realistic training manikin designed for UAS search and rescue training. Dressed in professional attire, Flat Matt offers a lightweight and portable design, along with a patent-pending thermal training feature, providing public safety professionals with an unparalleled training experience in UAS search and rescue operations.

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Introducing Flat Matt, the flagship adult male 2D Dummy™ from 2D Dummies. As our first commercially available 2D manikin, Flat Matt represents a leap forward in realistic training experiences. Dressed in professional business attire and boasting a clean-cut appearance, Flat Matt is designed to simulate real-life rescue scenarios with remarkable accuracy.

Measuring at a height of 5′ 7″ and a width of 2′ 3½”, Flat Matt strikes the perfect balance between portability and lifelike proportions.

Flat Matt features our patent-pending thermal training technology, adding a new dimension to your training sessions. The thermal training feature replicates the heat signature of a human body, allowing trainees to practice identifying and locating heat sources in various rescue scenarios. This groundbreaking innovation enhances realism and situational awareness, preparing first responders, medical professionals, and public safety organizations for the challenges they may encounter in the field.

Experience the future of rescue training with Flat Matt, the adult male 2D Dummy™ from 2D Dummies. With his exceptional realism, compact size, and the cutting-edge thermal training technology, Flat Matt sets a new standard in lifelike manikin technology. Elevate your training programs with Flat Matt and witness the transformative impact he brings to your public safety training endeavors.

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