Teenage Hoodie 2D Dummy


The Teenager 2D Dummy is an exceptional rescue manikin designed to provide unparalleled realism to your public safety training drills. With its fetal or semi-fetal pose and standing at 42″ x 25″, this rescue manikin is an excellent simulation prop for various scenario-based exercises, such as lost hikers and runaways.

Our Teenager 2D Dummy is distinct in its appearance, which is incredibly lifelike. Additionally, it is equipped with a proprietary thermal film on the back, replicating a human body’s thermal signature. Ideal for public safety UAS search and rescue team training.

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Introducing our Teenage 2D Dummy, a groundbreaking training tool designed to enhance the realism and effectiveness of your public safety scenario-based training drills. Measuring 42″ high and 25″ wide, this two-dimensional manikin is designed to represent a male teenager in a fetal or semi-fetal position, making it ideal for a wide range of scenarios, including lost hiker or teen runaway .

Our Teen 2D DUMMY is incredibly realistic and unmatched in its lifelike design. Every detail has been carefully crafted using anthropomorphic data to ensure precise lifelike dimensions. However, the realism goes beyond just the appearance of the Dummy.

All of our rescue manikins, including the Teen 2D model, feature a unique thermal film on the back that simulates the thermal signature of a real human body. This feature is particularly useful for thermal UAS search and rescue training.

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