Crime Scene UAS Investigation & Documentation Training Kit


Elevate your crime scene investigation training to unprecedented levels of authenticity with our comprehensive Crime Scene Kit. Designed for professionals seeking true-to-life simulations, this kit includes essential lifelike props that seamlessly integrate with your 2D Dummies.

  • 10 Essential Pieces: From blood stains to firearms, footprints, and even narcotics, our kit comprises a range of lifelike props to create diverse training scenarios, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any situation.

Take your training to the next level, perfect your techniques, and ensure your team is ready for the challenges of real-world UAS crime scene investigations. Get the 2D Dummies Crime Scene Kit and experience unparalleled realism today.

(please note: 2D DUMMIES are not included)
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Introducing the 2D DUMMIES Crime Scene Kit!

In the world of forensic training, realism is paramount. Traditionally, real items like firearms and drugs have been used to create authentic training scenarios. While this approach undoubtedly adds depth to the training experience, it comes with its challenges:

🔒  Security Concerns: Constant monitoring is required to prevent misuse or theft.

🚫  Potential Hazards: Accidental mishandling can have serious repercussions.

⚖️  Legal Implications: Handling and transporting real items can be fraught with regulatory concerns.

💰  Logistical Costs: Managing real items adds to operational and storage expenses.

Our kit provides:

Realistic simulations of crime scene items.

Safe and risk-free training environment.

Cost-effective solution without compromising on authenticity.

Ease of use, transport, and storage.

Let’s revolutionize forensic training by combining the best of both worlds: Realism without risks.

Please note: The 2D DUMMIES featured in the photo are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the kit. The 2D DUMMIES are sold separately.

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